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Our Services

Ochemo offers their client with various lab services which are accurate, precise and give accurate results. Ochemo ensure the highest level of customer service.

Ochemo offers a wide range of tests which are conducted by qualified pathology tests. Some of the key lab services offered by Ochemo are tests, consultation, morgue services, and courier services

Improved Production Efficiency

Ochemo provides a one-stop-shop for your diagnostic requirement. Ochemo helps it client to determine the best test needed for their clinical laboratory services

BI Consulting

One-on-one consultation with specialist pathologists is available for review of test results.

BI Solutions

We ensure transparency by generating electronic receipts and invoices which have helped avoid double entries.

BI Implementation

Business intelligence software are the tools that make it possible to create value from big data

Challenges We Solve

Dome of the challenges we help our client solve are

  • 1. Inadequate formal training for microbiology department staff.
  • 2. Scarcity of resources to run the program
  • 3. Negligence of the few trained staff due to insufficient motivation, they tend to care less about the services.